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February Newsletter Archive - Hello, wonderful people!!

Here we are: Month Two, Day Seven of 2022. And this year has already been a blast!

We had our 'Thank You' premiere for Hellbender in the Blue on January 12th at the wonderful Kan-Kan Cinema and Brasserie.

Thanks again to those of you who were able to make it! We are so grateful for the support and company.

Fun announcements!

Today, the wonderful Eric Salazar, also known as @theclarinetguy has released the full soundtrack to Hellbender in the Blue on Spotify! Check it out!

We are so grateful to collaborate with him to add musical emotion to the film. Have a listen and enjoy the "Hellbender in the Blue Official Soundtrack."

Another BIG announcement...

We have made Hellbender in the Blue available to purchase and stream through Vimeo on Demand!!! Check it out here

While there will be plenty of chances to fully experience the film at festivals and on the Indiana Humanities Waterways Film Tour (dates coming out on Feb. 15th!!!), we wanted to give folks an opportunity to snag an advanced sneak peek while contributing to our filmmaking efforts, provide momentum for the next project, and have an option to share with outdoor and conservation enthusiasts everywhere. So if you have been dying to see it, here's the link one more time!

That is everything for this month. We look forward to sharing more great news with you soon!


Team Teardrop

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