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Hello from Teardrop Pictures!

This is the first official blog to update you on all things Teardrop: what we are doing, behind-the-scenes of current projects, and loads of other fun stuff.

We want to cover a few wonderful recent updates!

Indiana Humanities Waterways Film Tour…

The Indiana Humanities Waterways Film Tour schedule was released on February 15th and Hellbender in the Blue is a part of the fun!!! Check out the link to see locations for watching Hellbender in the Blue. There will also be a Q&A specifically for our film on May 11 at the Corydon-based event. If you haven’t seen the film yet, we hope you can make it to one of the showings around the state. We’re so excited to see you!

Can’t make it to a showing but really, REALLY want to watch the film? No problem! We have it available to buy here!

An additional, celebratory announcement…we have been selected for 2 film festivals!

The first selection is for the Wasatch Film Festival (March 28- April 2).

We are honored and excited to take part in this virtual festival and look forward to sharing amazing things with you after the festival’s end.

Shortly after we received word of the Wasatch Mountain selection, we were informed and honored to be selected for — the International Wildlife Film Festival (from April 23- May 7) as well!!!

We are so glad to see Hellbender in the Blue making the rounds and hopefully making an even bigger impact! We will continue to share updates about additional festival selections. As documentary filmmakers we've been dreaming about these opportunities for years and cannot wait to share the story of the Indiana hellbender conservation efforts nationally.

Stay tuned for more soon!

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